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Design, configuration and integration of file and application servers running Linux or Microsoft Server with Active Directory.

  •  Assess needs and server configuration
  •  Active Directory configuration
  •  Application installation, database, Microsoft Exchange
  •  Access controls and security


Installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux or Microsoft based systems.

  •  Desktop, laptop, tablet systems
  •  Windows or Linux operating systems
  •  System cleanup / update and threat assessment
  •  Memory expansion
  •  Video card upgrades
  •  Application and system setup


Design, installation and configuration of custom networking infrastructures including wired, wireless and cellular.  ISP and carrier integration.

  •  Needs assessment
  •  Wired and Wireless
  •  Router and firewall configuration
  •  VLAN setup
  •  Work with ISP to get Internet setup

Home / Small Business Automation

Automation of lighting, HVAC and other devices,

  • Site assessment
  • Insteon, Zigbee, Z-Wave and other automation technologies
  • Video monitoring
  • Remote access and control

PBX and Telephony Systems

Small business and home PBX system configuration, installation and maintenance.

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